How Logo Effects the Brand

Jeff Bezos of Amazon once said this about branding: “It’s What people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

In other words, what effect has your company had, on the consumers who have had direct experience with your product or service? What about those consumers who have not tried your product or service, but may be thinking about it? What kind of story would they tell about you? Your brand needs to convey values, it needs to create an emotional connection that people will remember and relate to on some level.

Brands are promises, building trust in who you are, what you stand for, and what specific benefits you offer. A complete brand encompasses your logo, signage, identity system, collaterals, and the entire perceived image of the company by the consumer.” – Bonnie Segal 

How does one achieve good branding? By really taking the time, doing the research, and planning carefully to make sure that the brand will convey your message. Branding is not something you do in 5 minutes, either is your logo for that matter! Yes! Your logo really matters, so where then does your logo fit into all of this?

Logo Design and its effect on Branding:

Logo design is now critical in aiding your brand. The visual symbol (logo) that you choose facilitates the strategy in branding, so it needs to be effective, clear, and easily interpreted. In other words, nobody should have to explain the logo, the logo should speak for itself. Think about the most effective brands we have come to know and trust. McDonald’s golden arches speak for themselves. We know it as the symbol of Mcdonald’s, and Mcdonald’s has not changed this image. Microsoft has its 4 colored blocks and has varied somewhat in its design over the years in that it was more 3 dimensional and flag-like in appearance “skeuomorphic”. However, a more popular trend over the last several years is the “flat” design. You see flat in most of the big company logos like Apple, Google, and Facebook.

It is important to note that not only is flat design a current trend, it is also more effectively integrated into brochures, newsletters, and other corporate elements that communicate to the consumer. Again, this is why logo design has to be carefully planned and well-integrated with the brand strategy. When done right, a company can achieve longevity, and lasting customer loyalty, as well as reach new customers.