Terms & Conditions

Deposits, Copyrights:

I require a 50% deposit to begin the process and the remainder before releasing the final artwork to the client. At that time, I will also sign over the copyright to the client.
Without the copyright, the client doesn’t own the logo legally and cannot use it. The rejected designs remain with Bonnie Segal Design.
The client gives Bonnie Segal Design the right to include the finalized project in her portfolio on her website.

Process, Timelines, Deadlines:

First, there is a complimentary branding strategy session between Bonnie Segal Design and the client.
A 10% deposit is suggested to secure a spot for the project.
  1. A contract is delivered to the client, and if the client agrees to all terms, the contract is signed.
  2. Next, Bonnie Segal Design has a research and Branding Strategy meeting going over the questions regarding the client about the project, their needs, their pain points, description of their company, competitors, likes, dislikes, and what work has been done in the past. What are their views for the future, re-branding or new branding? This is an extensive meeting and should take over an hour depending on what package client chooses.
  3. The concepts and designs are started and delivered depending on the client’s timeline.
  4. We go over the designs and decide which one fits your company best.
  5. If new designs are requested, then revisions will be done, and how many times depends on the client’s package.
  6. If the client would like to get additional designs after the number of revisions are met, then there will be an additional fee by the hour for more concepts.
  7. Assuming the client is pleased with one of the design concepts, then the next phase begins, finalizing the design, and then delivery to the client after the last payment is due. I sign over the copyright if everything is in place.

I donate 5% of all proceeds to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Disease

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